Name : Raaed Khalid Ibrahem
E-mail: [email protected]

  • Foundation of Technical Education Electrical and Electronic Technical College
    Head Department of Computer Engineering Techniques.
  • Vice-Chancellor for Administrative and Financial Affair
  •  Ph.D Laser and Opto-Electronics Engineering/ AlNahreen University/ College of Engineering/BaghdadIraq/2007 .
  •  M. Sc. Laser and Opto-Electronics Engineering / AlNahreen University/ College of Engineering/BaghdadIraq/2002.
  •  B. Sc. Laser and Opto-Electronics Engineering/ AlNahreen University/ College of Engineering/BaghdadIraq/2000 .
  • Date and Place Of Birth : 28/5/1979 – Basra
  • Material status : Single
  • Academic rank: assistant Professor
  • 1.8085 micro-processor SDK trainer.
    2.Sterilization air system.
    3.Data Acquisition Based Micro-Computer.
    4.Digital Thermometer.
    5.Digital Flow Meter.
    6.Real-Time Kit.
    7.Control System Trainer.
    8.AM and FM communication trainers kits.
    9.Digital Electronics Trainer kit.
    10.Electrical and electronics measurement Trainer kit.
    11.8086 microprocessor Trainer kit.
    12.Power Electronic Trainer kit.
  1. Period 2001-2010
    1. Electromagnetic Fields.
    2. Fundamental of Electrical Circuit.
    3. Control Engineering.
    4. Mathematic and advanced mathematics, numerical analysis.
    5. Digital Signal Processing.
    6. Lasers and Opto-Electronics.
    7. Computer Interfacing.
    8. Computer Applications.
    9. Real-Time Systems.
    10. Computer Architecture.
    11. Computer Network and Distributed Systems.
    12. microprocessors and microcontrollers systems.
    13. Control (Laboratory).
    14. Virtual Reality Systems.
    15. Laser Technology (Laboratory).
    16. Matlab (Laboratory).
    17. LabView.
  1. 1- Lecturer 2002-2010
    2- Head Department of Computer Engineering Techniques (2008-till now).
    3- Assistant Lecturer in College of Electronics and Electrics Technical. 2005-2007.