– Title : Design and Manufacturing of Foot for the Below Knee Amputees  , No. 3431 , date12/9/2012

International Classification : AF1F1/06 , Iraqi Classification : 6

Dr. Muhsin J. Jweeg , Dr. Khadim k. AL-Kinani , Dr. Ahmad A. AL-Beruti

-Title: Biaxial Mechanism for Universal Tests     , No. 3691 , date ; 21/11/2013

International Classification GO1L1 / 100 , GO1M1/100  ,.Iraqi Classification 24 

Dr. Muhsin J Jweeg , Dr shakir S. Hassan , Dr. Yaser Y. Khatan No. 4212 , date : 24/5/2015

-Title: Design and Manufacturing Device for Testing the Interaction Between Creep and Reverse Bending Fatigue, International Classification Go1L1/06, GO1L5/16, Iraqi Classification  20, No: 4740, date: 19/11/2016  

Dr Kadhim K. Resan, Dr Muhsin J. Jweeg, and Mustafa T. Ismael

-Title: Instrument for Fatigue testing of Below Knee Athletics Prostheses

International Classification : AG1F2/00 , GO1N3/00 , GO1N1/00 , Iraqi Classification : 6

Dr. Ammar H. Merza , Dr. shakir S. Hassan , Dr. Muhsin J. Jweeg.

-Title: Design of a Device to Mesures the Lie of an Industrial Foot at Different Environments, International Classification A61F2/54, Iraqi Classification 20,  No: 5313, date 3/4/2018

Dr Kadhim K. Resan, Dr Muhsin J. Jweeg, and Eng. Esraa A. Aboud.

-Title: Manufacturing of a Damper for Vibration Resulting from Fluid Movement in Piping System, Iraqi Classification 6,  No: 5762, date 9-5-2019.